About Chef A’Donna

Chef A’Donna began to understand the art of entertaining around the dinner table and taking care of people at an early age. Her mother constantly fed and piqued her culinary curiosity as a child by encouraging her to research recipes, helping cook for family and parties, and giving her creative freedom in the kitchen. She often jokes that her mother was a like a drill sergeant while showing her how to properly plate and present foods, making sure everything was in its place before leaving the kitchen. She also credits her unique relationship with food to her mother being flexible with her sometimes less than conventional food pairings, exploring different fad diets, and unassuming cooking techniques. When you see her, ask her about all the partially cooked spaghetti her mom found behind their refrigerator as a child! Chef A’Donna still remembers how excited she was when she roasted a whole chicken (lemon and herb), for the first time, started perfecting soup recipes, and sold her homemade cookies & brownies for the holidays at 10 years old.

After years as a Technical Writer Chef A’Donna came back to her true love deciding on a culinary path. She combined her experience and passion with formal training by attending The Art Institute of Michigan for Culinary Management. She is always continuing her culinary journey, staying abreast of culinary trends, and finding inspiration in the most obscure places. She strives to bring her clients the absolute best experience at the table and knows to do so, she has to keep learning.

Out of all the clients she has been delighted to serve, she is most excited about giving back to the community with her work as a volunteer Chef Instructor with Cooking Matters. This is part of the national No Kid Hungry campaign. This gives her the opportunity to share her passion with low income families, teaching them to shop and cook nutritiously on a budget. Working alongside Cooking Matters, Chef A’Donna has greater access to the underserved communities that need this type of education the most.

We love our local farmers, artisans, and purveyors so we source local whenever possible to create comfort foods with a twist. Chef A’Donna delights in introducing you to new flavors while taking your palate on the ultimate culinary journey. We help to make your celebration special by fusing your personal style with our creativity into your menu.

My wife and I asked Chef A'Donna to prepare a special meal at home for our wedding anniversary. She helped us plan the menu around dishes we like and the food was outstanding! Everything was perfect, from beginning to end, making for an unforgettable experience. It was like dining at a five­star restaurant in the comfort of our own home. Highly recommended!