DIY Tablescape

I have always been intrigued by DIY Home Projects of all kinds. I always admired the skill, patience, and vision of someone able to turn a shabby dresser found at a thrift store into a beautiful refinished gem that looks like it came straight out of the pages from a high end magazine!
As much as I have admired the process and the finished product, I never found the time or could justify embarking on such a project!
Well, just as my luck would have it, I was able to do what I have always wanted to do last weekend. I had a wonderful woman contact me this past Christmas looking to get her son and daughter-in-law and very unique gift – she described them as someone that had everything they wanted or could just as easily buy it themselves! After we spoke, she decided to gift them a dinner party for 8!
They reached out to me a few weeks ago to begin planning their party. There was no special occasion being celebrated, just a great reason for friends and family to get together! With that in mind, there was no specific theme or color scheme that they wanted. This meant, I had freedom to select colors, menus, and floral arrangements with little to no input from them. I normally leave the floral designing to the amazing florist we work with, but I had since I had some room to play around with the flowers, I figured why not? Of course, I started in enough time to give myself room for error or if I just wasn’t pleased with it, I could still give the florist a call and have beautiful arrangements for them just the same.
The Misses indicated they were simple people and after speaking with her, I could tell they didn’t want to much fuss about the day.
She used her own tablecloth, place-mats, and the most beautiful and elegant cream and gold rimmed china I have ever seen passed down from their great grandmother. I supplied cream napkins to bring it altogether. I also used these beautiful carafes for their non-alcoholic sangria as well.
The three floral centerpieces are my FIRST DIY tablescape project and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! I purchased some glass vases and gold metallic spray paint and got to work! I wore gloves and lined my entire work area with newspaper. From there, I sprayed the inside of the entire vase with vinegar and water – this helps the paint only cover certain spots because I did not want it to look ‘perfect’. I was going for more of an antique look (not sure how close I got to that!). Then, I sprayed with the gold metallic paint until I achieved the desired look! We added the yellow and blue roses and hydrangeas on site.

DIY Flower Arrangements by Chef A'Donna

What do you think? Not bad for my first time, right? At the end of the night, my clients asked if they should transfer the flowers into their own vases and give me the gold ones back. I think they were shocked to learn that the vases and flowers were theirs to keep at the end of the party!
Overall, the dinner party went great, we met some new amazing clients, they were stuffed at the end of the night, and I was able to do a cool DIY project!

customized menu July 2016

Full view tablescape


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