May is going to be intense! Bring on the parties!!

1st – a business luncheon for 5 including a city council member as they discussed funding for a community project.. There is nothing I love more then these little cuties. They are perfect for just a bite of something sweet after a big meal. Dessert, even is small bite sized portions are a must after every meal!
These were Strawberry Ginger Tiramisu Shots complete with lady fingers soaked in ginger syrup at the bottom and crumbled on top. Excuse the bits of strawberries that didn’t quite make it in the cups!

Peep the full menu:



There is a small amount of caramel painted on the plate. With the lighting, its tricky to see. On the opposite side of the plate is moist coconut cupcake with lemon curd icing. The topper is an edible image of the company’s monogram surrounded by white chocolate. The splashes of gold is a edible gold dust on the white chocolate plaque. Ir is amazing what you can do with chocolate! Petite pastries are my all time favorite.

Petite Pastries

2nd – an amazing fashion show in Pickerington, Ohio (a small suburb of Columbus) which has a lot of fun and exciting elements including shoe, handbag, and cash giveaways! Too bad I will be in the kitchen! I could sure use a new pair of spunky shoes. This is for 150 guests with 1 vegetarian! Could you spot the vegetarian in a crowd of carnivores?
3rd-a surprise birthday dinner for a husband hosted by the wife. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! I get a chance to play with my Polyscience Gun Smoker. This little contraption lets you put big smoke flavors in small places or places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to inject smoke. It uses mini flavored smoker chips. Think glasses and beverages! I can’t wait to show you the final outcome!


4th – a graduation party for 3 amazing and smart young men graduating from Bexley Highschool. They are some of the most respectful young men I have ever met. They scheduled a tasting a few weeks before their graduation party and had the fried macaroni and cheese pops. I made a few spicy by adding some jalapeno peppers for one of the boys that loves heat! They gobbled them up in seconds! I think that means they loved them! They will definitely be on their menu for their party. Guest count is set for 75, but it is open house style, so we will be prepared for any more guests that may trickle in!

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whipped cream
polyscience smoke gun
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