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Tired of having to choose between food that tastes good and food that is good for you? 

What if you could have both?

Chef A'Donna will help you discover which foods fuel your body the best, which foods are not agreeing with you, and how to prepare them the best. 

With so much misinformation about food all around us, its no wonder we are confused about where to start. 

Chef A'Donna provides a simple yet in-depth look on your relationship with food and how you can use it to not just feed you, but nourish you.


Using her proven Core 4 Method, Chef A'Donna will guide you through the areas that will help you create sustainable change in the kitchen. 

Can You Relate?
  • Medical diagnosis that turned your world upside down while turning your kitchen inside out?

  • Too many picky eaters in the house to name?

  • Do all the drive-through restaurants within 5 miles of your house know you by name?

  • Not sure where to start with making a sustainable change in the kitchen?

  • Tired of trying to determine food sensitivities and substitutes on your own?

  • Want to get your family on board with a new way of eating?

  • Are you spending more on fast food than you spend on groceries?

Allison B.
Osborn Women's Association

"Chef A'Donna teaches with love, compassion, and humor. We thoroughly enjoyed having her speak to our women and cannot wait to have her back."

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Thank you for allowing me to
serve you!
-Chef A'Donna

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