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About Chef A'Donna

Ever since I was 10 years old, I have always loved cooking! I cooked for everyone, including ill or elderly neighbors, and for big family dinners alongside my mother. I spent several years as a technical writer before returning to my true love and embarking on a culinary path.


I combined my experience and my passion with formal training from The Art Institute of Michigan for Culinary Management.  I was honored to serve as a personal chef, helping people gather around the dinner table without having to worry about the stress of what to cook. I really enjoyed helping them celebrate surprise birthdays, engagements, and golden anniversaries. 

After suffering a debilitating mystery illness that caused unbearable chronic pain, I began doing extensive research into the use of food as my medicine. I recently completed The Chef Coaching Certification through Harvard Medical School so that I can share my new-found knowledge with you! Since then, I have taught and supported women living with pretty painful conditions. I encourage them to continue to look at food as medicine. I love to use cooking and food education to help women feel their absolute best without resorting to drugs.

Together we can work towards your biggest goals for you and your family and overcome those obstacles that stop you from thriving in the kitchen. 

I’ve already worked with so many clients that were in the same position as you, and they’ve done a complete 180 on their cooking skills! Now, with my new qualification in tow, I’m ready to help YOU to smash it!


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