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We've seen how much fun people can have when they learn to prepare healthy & delicious food together. We're ready to show you how we can help!

Our virtual and in person cooking experiences are incredible for teambuilders 

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 Let Chef A'Donna help you craft an engaging, fun, and memorable culinary experience for your group today!

Virtual Corporate Team Builder

Your team chooses the menu, we bring them the experience, virtually. Want to boost team morale outside of the office? Curious to see which team members are your real cheerleaders? Sit back and observe as we cook with your team or jump in on the fun. Grocery delivery is available for virtual cooking experiences scheduled within the continental United States. 


Dine In Hands-On Cooking Classes 

Learn techniques that will guide you through everyday cooking. Become a better home cook by practicing your knife skills, flavor pairings, plating skills, classic and new-age cooking techniques, and more. This can be done in your home, venue, or our commercial kitchen. This experience includes your guests plating and eating the food they cooked.

Lunch & Learn 

Invite Chef A'Donna to speak on variety of culinary topics. Topics include "Exploring Non-Traditional Culinary Roles for Culinary Students" to "Are You Really Cheating Yourself with Your Cheat Meal". We will work together to determine the topic best for your group from Chef A'Donna's signature talks. This can be done in your venue or virtually. This experience does not include food or food samples. 

Live Food Demonstration

Need help selling your gourmet appliances? Looking for a way to make your new sauces or spice blends pop? Let Chef A'Donna bring your brand to life with a culinary demonstration to promote your product. Perfect for trade shows, grand openings, fairs, conferences, and more. This can be done in your venue or virtually. We will work together to determine the amount and type of samples you would like to provide.

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