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If you saw my last email, I mentioned there was a reason as to why I changed to a plant based/vegan diet. I wanted to make sure we carved out some time to talk about this and I am open to your questions and helping you during your own journey as well. I am going to give you the short version!

About 2 years ago, approximately 3 months after I said "I do", I woke up with a small cramp in my thumb. Less than a week later, I was in so much pain I could not get out of the bed. The pain radiated from my right thumb, to my entire right hand, shoulder, and left hand. After numerous visits to my primary care doctor and many specialists, I could not get any relief. I was shocked and worried. I was in the middle of building and running my thriving business and just starting my life as a newlywed. My entire world had to come to an abrupt stop. I was heartbroken. Imagine going to bed strong as an ox (carrying all of my cooking equipment to your house with no help) and waking up not even able to wash your own hair.

Eventually, I decided to use what I already knew about food to start to find ways to cure my pain. I researched all possible causes and realized I had to get to the root of inflammation that was causing the pain that doctor's could not put their finger on.

Of course these foods had to taste amazing in order for me to stay on track and convince my family this would be a good prevention meal plan for them. My kitchen turned into a serious mad lab for over 2 years. I researched food combinations and the best foods to heal. I was able to ease my pain.

I eliminated meat and dairy along with other foods known to cause inflammation and chronic pain and replaced it with foods that would nourish my body. During that process, I have also helped others overcome their chronic pain just in making small and manageable changes to their diet.

Where could you use the help? Email me or connect with me in my private Facebook group. I am here to help!

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